Steel Standard Front

This very compact steel made mixing system consists of a 3 mm thick piping, with a robust layer of black powder electrostatic paint (RAL 9011).

In the front, the manifold is fitted with a standard Grundfos UPS 25 - 55 pump, but for a higher price one may choose an Alpha 2 pump from Grundfos, which is energy efficient and it falls under energy class A.

The pump is mounted on a welded additional plate, so that the pump fixing screws are not moved by the pumping.  Thus, the pump is mounted in a dry state, by removing leaks on the pump holder.

The rectangular thermostatic group valves are double adjustable and may be fitted with most brands of thermal engines for the adjustment of ambient temperature.

The water temperature is set by using a thermostatic head. Also, the manifold is fitted with an overheating safety thermostat, to prevent the water that is too hot from being pumped in the floor.  There is a filling and discharge tap in the lower side.

The group connections are 3/4" Euroconus.