Steel Pro Heating & Cooling

The heat and cold transfer takes place via a heat exchanger.

The technical specifications of this manifold and its heat exchangers may be downloaded on the right side of the screen.

This steel made manifold consists of a 3 mm thick piping and it is coated with RAL 9011 electrostatic powder paint.

This mixing system is equipped with a Grundfos UPS 25-55 pump, but it may also be equipped with an energy efficient Alpha 2 pump from Grundfos. The group connections are 3/4" Euroconus.  This manifold without a pump is made of stainless steel 4301. The manifold is equipped with built in M30 x 1.5 thermostatic valves. These are suitable for most brands of thermal engines, for a potential adjustment with room thermostats. The water temperature may be set by using a thermostatic head. In the standard mode, this manifold is equipped with a thermometer/manometer and a filling and discharge tap, an overflow safety valve, an overheating safety thermostat and an expansion tank.

The manifold may also be provided with the pump on the right, a side connection or a lower connection.