Composite Plastic Heating & Cooling

This is a mixing system whose primary connection is connected to the central heating system.  By using a plate heat exchanger, a cooling system may be connected.

This modular plastic made manifold is made of glass fiber reinforced 6.6 polyamide.

Since the modules have double walls, cooling is possible with this manifold without insulating the unit. The condensation level is zero. In addition, the manifold is resistant to glycol mixtures.

This mixing system is equipped with a Grundfos UPS 25-55 pump, but it may also be equipped with an energy efficient Alpha 2 pump from Grundfos. The group connections are 3/4" Euroconus.  The manifold bar is equipped with adjustable flow meters, for the accurate calibration of volumetric flows on the groups. The manifold is equipped with built in M30 x 1.5 thermostatic valves. These are suitable for most brands of thermal engines, for a potential adjustment with room thermostats. The water temperature may be set by using a thermostatic head.  In the standard mode, this manifold is equipped with a thermometer/manometer and a filling and discharge tap, an overflow safety valve, an overheating safety thermostat and an expansion tank.

The manifold may also be provided with the pump on the right, a side connection or a lower connection.