Composite Plastic Geothermal Large Volume

This geothermal large volume manifold is especially designed to connect and regulate vertical or horizontal geothermal probes.  An ideal solution for companies dealing with well drilling and installation of manifold fields.

Of course, this manifold unit may also be used as an industrial manifold for large spaces. The manifold is modular, made of plastic blocks with double walls. Thus, cold insulation is not necessary. The main connection is 2“, the lower connections for the probes are 1".

In addition, the manifold bar is equipped with adjustable flow meters with a range between 420 - 1920 L/H.

The manifold is equipped with M30 x 1.5 thermostatizable valves. If required, thermal engines may also be inserted.

Bi-metal thermometers show the temperature difference between the supply and return pipes.